Nursing Homes


New Friends is considering nursing homes in Kenosha, Wisconsin to participate in the  Independent Visits volunteer program. Below is a brief description of what to expect as a facility incorporating this visiting volunteer program.

  • The director of New Friends will meet with you to discuss:
    Days and times most convenient for your residents to visit with volunteers
    – Specific residents that would most benefit from a visit
    – A timeline for launching and growing the program in your facility
    – Facility policies and procedures that are relevant to volunteer visits

    Additional questions, considerations or concerns
  • New Friends will draft a contract that defines the terms discussed in the initial meeting.
  • The director will meet with your staff to introduce the program, answer questions, and encourage feedback.
  • You will receive literature that describes the program to share with residents, families and visitors.
  • Your facility will be provided a log book that volunteers will use to record visits.
  • New Friends will schedule periodic meetings with you to discuss the program’s progress and provide feedback.
  • If desired, New Friends will feature your facility in our public relations efforts.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Kerry Andersen via email at