Flowers, Vases, Smiling Faces


Bring Spring to Nursing Home Residents!
New Friends is creating simple floral arrangements from donated funeral flowers and gifting them to nursing home residents. The goal is to create opportunities to provide comfort and joy to our neighbors living in nursing care facilities.

Get Involved!

Volunteer: We invite you to help us create flower arrangements or join us on the flower delivery visits. If you are interested in participating in the Flower Visits program, please complete the online Volunteer Application or contact Kerry Andersen at 262-945-4872 or

Nursing Home Professionals: Do you have residents who would enjoy having our team stop by with a special delivery? If so, let’s make it happen! Please make a list of those residents and contact Kerry Andersen at 262-945-4872 or

Funeral Homes: Our volunteers are eager to repurpose the lovely flowers that have been donated by your clients. Please call Kerry Andersen at 262-945-4872 to arrange a donation pick up.

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