Flowers, Vases, Smiling Faces


Bring Spring to Nursing Home Residents!
New Friends is creating simple floral arrangements from donated funeral flowers and gifting them to nursing home residents. The goal is to create opportunities to provide comfort and joy to our neighbors living in nursing care facilities. Read More

A Story of Service


John Lennon said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Life happened to me the morning of July 10th, 2015. My plan that day was to buy water toys for my son’s play date later that afternoon. I was air-testing various water shooting devices at the Dollar Store when life beckoned, “Wow! Would ya look at those legs!” Read More

A Story of Courage


Marguerite Conrad was not a New Friend. She was not an old friend. She was not my best friend. She was so much more. She was my mother. It has been three years since I kissed her forehead and told her I’d be  back soon. “It is taking a while, Mom. But, I will see you again. I just have some things to do first.” Read More

A Story of Faith

Senior man outdoor

It was not a typical Sunday. Most residents at Cedarhurst usually retreat to their rooms after lunch, keeping things pretty mellow. This afternoon was different. Two celebrations were underway. The staff had organized a football party for residents and their guests. And, Marion’s family had gathered to celebrate the commencement of her tenth decade. Both events were in full swing as I made my way around the room, socializing and serving refreshments. It didn’t take long to notice that two of my friends were not in attendance. Read More

A Story of Joy

Senior man outdoor

Not all visits with my friends take place in a nursing home. Sometimes removing the element of circumstance reveals a wonderful treasure. Read More

A Story of Why


After wandering the cold, damp parking lot in search of an unlocked door, I found myself moving swiftly down an expansive hallway. “232, 234, 236…” The room numbers told me I was getting warmer. It had taken a good hour to track down my dear friend, Evelyn. Read More

A Story of Hope


Marta is a spunky Panamanian. This sprite of a woman has the energy of a chipmunk and the playful spirit to match. When engaged in a game of balloon volleyball, Marta bounces around the room in her sequined ballet slippers, fuzzy socks and cropped jeans, giggling and batting the balloon to her friends. Many friends. In fact, Marta is the most popular kid on the block–a popularity that was earned the old fashioned way. Read More

A Story of Purpose


On a warm summer evening, I found Sandy in the activity room of Willow Court. Sandy spent a lot of time in this room. In fact, if the nursing home had given an award to the resident who attended the most organized activities, Sandy would have won hands down. However, her attendance had little to do with her interest in the activities. Instead, she spent her afternoons and evenings there because she could not be left alone. Read More

A Story of Peace


With an accent as thick as the wiry eyebrows sprouting from his forehead, Franklin welcomed me into his world. “Hi Darlin,” he offered up his hand and a sideways smile. “I’m a hillbilly from Alabama.” His handshake wasn’t firm — but it wasn’t weak. Instead it was genuine and kind — the gesture of a true southern gentleman. Read More